Split the Bill NY, set up to encourage New Yorkers to frequent more restaurants and eat takeout, has worked wonders throughout the state.  The successful program has bounced around throughout the state during the pandemic generating over $320,000 in revenue for restaurants that have participated.

After stops in Saratoga County, Long Island, and Pelham, Albany County residents now get to taste these tempting restaurants on Tuesday while saving money.  Split the Bill NY will feature Albany restaurants Tuesday only, and if you follow a few easy steps after you enjoy your meal, you'll get 50% back up to $25.  Here's what you need to do.

From 677 Prime to Yono's and everything in between, Split the Bill NY is happening in Albany and a total of 28 restaurants in the downtown Albany area will participate in Tuesday's initiative.


Click here for a list of all 28 restaurants participating. These are the spots you'll get 50% back on any meal you eat up to $25. 

This initiative starts at midnight tonight and it's not just dinner.   You can save money on breakfast, lunch or dinner if you follow these steps:  Pick a place on the list to to eat, order food (takeout or dine in), snap a few pics (one of your meal and one of your receipt), fill out the forms by midnite on Tuesday, get 50% back up to $25.

Back in February when Saratoga County did the same thing, thousands supported the one-night attempt to give local restaurants a boost during the pandemic while saving-starved Capital Region residents got a chance to get their cheap eats on.  On Tuesday, it's Albany's turn.

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