Is there anything that screams spring more than ice cream? Well, a well known ice cream place is giving away free ice cream and you only have today to take advantage.

Every year, Ben & Jerry's has one day across the country where they give away ice cream for free for a few hours. Today is that day.

I saw the event trending on Facebook, otherwise I would've completely forgotten. Today only, between 12:00pm-8:00pm, you can get a free single scoop ice cream cone. Ben & Jerry's has been doing this promotion since 1979 and it's their way to say thanks. Now, the hard part, is just finding the scoop shop closest to you.

Locally, we have a couple options, according to their Scoop Shop Locator on their website. In the immediate Capital Region, we don't have a ton. You can either go to Albany on Madison Ave, Troy inside of the RPI Student Union (that may be for students only), Saratoga on the corner of Phila Street, or. Lake George on Canada Street in Lake George Village.

You also have a chance to win free ice cream for a year by answering a trivia question

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