Get ready to be quick with your thumbs to score some free Chipotle during the NBA finals. They are giving away over one million dollars in free food starting tonight. Chipotle has noticed that the word "free" comes up often in a basketball game so they want you to score some free food because of it. According to, during the NBA playoff series between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors, Chipotle will be "freeting" some codes to get free food.

You need to head to Twitter when you first hear the word "free" from the announcers. Any mention of "free" by the on-air announcers including the sideline reporters during the first half of the game, Chipotle will give away five hundred burritos. In the second half, they will up it to one thousand. You have to be quick with your Twitter fingers though.

You must follow @chipotletweets on Twitter. When you hear the announcers say "free" and see the code posted, you will have to text it to 888222 for info on how to get your free burrito. Get all of the details by clicking here.

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