Mini, jumbo, skinless, boiled, grilled, or deep fried in cornmeal - everyone likes a good hot dog. Today is National Hot Dog day and here's a way to devour some free - and really cheap - hot dogs today.  How you dress up that dog is your call (I won't hate on the ketchup users) as this is a day for celebration - not judgement.

I'm partial to a nice all-beef grilled Hebrew National on a steamed bun with a thin line of yellow mustard and and even thinner spread of relish, but to each his own.

From 7-11 to Sonic, there are some hot deals on dogs that are worth checking out while you consider what to get on your lunch break today. Even if your favorite place isn't on this list, do it anyways.  Calories don't count on National Hot Dog day and today only it's official: 12 mini-hot dogs with meat sauce has the same amount of calories as one bowl of kale with lemon juice and olive oil. Fact!

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