I know it took awhile to get to this.  I wanted to write you a song long ago, but I thought you folks probably had a lot bigger things on your mind.  On the other hand, you need a little bit of fun in your lives, and I hope this helps provide it for at least 90 seconds (that's how long it is!) 

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Well, let's get to it, shall we?  I used one of my favorite songs of the past year as a jumping-off point - "Springsteen", by Eric Church.  Love that song. And now - the parody, just for you folks.  Special thanks to everyone on Facebook who contributed.

Fort Plain Lyrics
Parody of "Springsteen" by Eric Church
Every time I drive through this town, I see strong willed people all around
School colors, maroon and white
they all have topper pride
Heaven knows they lost a lot
but they still got two pizza shops
a real small town with real big hearts
Twister Valley, lots of fun
that's where the MX race cars run
Gotta little bank called the NBT
Where you invest your money
Make a stop at Hancock Street
Check out Phoebe's soft ice cream
the Amish there, they've got guts
they saved lots of peoples' butts
When we think about you, we think about flooded streets
how much can one town take
you've proven you can take a whole lot
Funny how a tragedy brings together a community
What other town do you know that has an auction every Tuesday nite
It only happens in Fort Plain
"This portion of the parody brought to you by every small business damaged by that flood -support your Fort Plain businesses!!"
The 5's Diner has great food
and we send out a salute
to Craig Phillips
the best darn baseball coach around
Fort Plain
(wo wo wo, wo , wo , wo, wo, wo - Your Town Thursday song - Richie from the Sean and Richie Show)
Gotta go!

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