Some of these former child stars are able to make it through their height of fame without a scratch and money in the bank. That hasn't been the case for one of the guys from a favorite show of mine growing up. 

Saturday mornings were spent in anticipation of new episodes of "Saved By the Bell." Then when it went off the air and reruns started showing weekdays it was what I watched before school, or after school, or before um, work - hey, don't judge me. And yes, I do own it on dvd.

Dustin Diamond
NBC / Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Dustin Diamond aka "Screech" is the one from the series that keeps popping up in the news over the last decade and it's never good stuff attached to him. Whether causing problems with former cast mates, writing a book with rumored behind the scenes dirt (that no one has confirmed but him,) financial issues or, as of recently stabbing a dude in a bar (seriously.)

Now according to Ozaukee Country jail officials in Wisconsin, while he was released after serving his time for disorderly conduct and concealed weapon convictions, he was arrested again Wednesday. Why? Probation violation.

There are no further details on how he violated his probation, but I'm sure we'll hear about that all very soon. From kids comedy to soap opera drama, Happy Throwback Thursday.

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