The National Weather Service issues what they call a 'Hazardous Weather Outlook' several days before a storms arrival. They do it so that residents can be mindful of the dangerous conditions that could impact within the next seven days.  The latest outlook from the NWS indicates that a storm system that is making its way to the Capital Region may affect travel conditions on Thursday into Friday, which could make things messy for those of us traveling on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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According to, a hazardous weather alert has been issued by the National Weather Service from the Finger Lakes to Albany.  It's important to remember that while this is still a few days out, its enough to keep an eye on if you plan on traveling Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Hazardous Weather Outlook from the NWS is advising that "a storm system will move through the region from Thursday through Friday. Milder air along with moderate to heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected ahead of the storm for late Thursday afternoon and
Thursday night."

According to the National Weather Service, "enough rain and snowmelt may occur to cause some flooding. Rain may become a wintry mix and then change to snow as
colder air moves in behind the storm Friday morning."

Remember to always be mindful of the warnings to ensure you and your family a safe and healthy holiday.  We've all be though so much.  2021 is right around the corner but we can't let our guard down yet!

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