College students across New York state may be getting some help from an initiative put in motion by Governor Cuomo. It would ensure that all public colleges can offer healthy options and food for free. In his State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to require all public colleges to have a food pantry on campus. He is asking lawmakers to provide one million dollars to SUNY and CUNY schools to help the program. About 15% of CUNY college students surveyed said that they go hungry at some point because they can’t afford to buy enough food.

According to a press release, the plan will require food pantries on every campus which is one aspect of the "No Student Goes Hungry Program". Right now about half of New York State public colleges have a food pantry on campus. This program would require all campuses to have pantries.

The program also states that if the college offers students access to quality, affordable food options, even with an outside food bank, they must make arrangements for delivery and distribution to the campus.

If the program is approved and funded, New York State would be the first state to require every public campus to have a food pantry.


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