Traveling has never been my thing. Realistically the only place I have traveled (by plane) has been to Disney in the last few years. But this trip to Nashville has really opened my eyes to the cities and towns across the country that I have yet to experience.

Nashville, they call it Music City and well, holy cow it is so much more than that. Mind you, we were only there for a total of 18 hours, but in that time, you can really get a feel for the city. In that short time, we experienced Brad Paisley's new album, and him jamming at legendary Tootsie's with John Fogerty. I understand that it's not like that all the time, but you can grasp the vibe of that city in just a few steps down Broadway.

The moral of the story is I really need to get out there and do. I need to find the cool cities in this amazing country we live in, dive in and explore. I'm not getting any younger and the time is now.

What places in this great country of ours would you recommend? I bet I haven't been there.

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