Shortening the boarding and deplaning process would make flying so much easier.  The only way the airlines can think to do this may cost you more money!International airlines have adopted a scenario to reduce the size of allowed carry on’s and now US airlines are considering the same policy change.

Here are my thoughts on this.  Since airlines started charging for luggage many people, I know I am one of them, have started packing lighter and packing in a carry on!  And what did this do?  Took up all the overhead space forcing flight delays to check the bags that didn’t fit and creating a longer deplaning process so people can find their bag that was placed somewhere else on the plane so they wouldn’t have to check it!

Now, I am not an expert on the process, but from what I see when I travel, these things are happening and make flying such a dreadful process.

So, how do the airlines want to fix this?  They are going to reduce the size of a carry on bag by 20%.  Will this even work?  I know it will cost me money though and isn’t that really all they care about?  I mean some airlines are charging for the exit row…are you kidding me?  Is this new process going to cut down long TSA lines?  Maybe.

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Senator Schumer held a press conference Sunday, supporting our consumer rights explaining this plan by the airline will only increase our costs.  Forcing us to pack in suitcases and then pay for them.

So, what do you think?  Is $35 more a flight for your luggage worth it to board and deplane faster?  I think for some people it might be.  But, will it even really solve the problem?

What do you think?