God bless them. That's what I say. What would you do if your office here in the Albany area had an employee Powerball pool and one employee didn't pony up the couple of bucks to get in and you won some big bucks? A realty office in Florida had that happen. The people there understand Karma and are going to give the employee that didn't contribute some of the money. The new employee had just started the job and hadn't even gotten her first paycheck yet and was really strapped for money. The other employees all kicked in $20 and they won $1 million dollars. They haven't said how much they will be giving the employee yet, but just the fact that they are being this nice and that they will be giving her anything says a lot about the type of people they are. Way to go. Good things will happen to these people moving forward in their lives. That I am sure of. So as you work hard in your job here in Albany I have to ask the question: "What would you do?". I honestly and truly would have done the same thing myself. Let us know what you would do in our offical poll below and please share this with your friends too.

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