We’ve all seen places come and go around the Albany area, the place that most of us call home. Some of the places that I used to go to may have been torn down, or they’ve been turned into another business. I’ll admit, they might not have been the healthiest choices for places to eat, but there’s nothing wrong with digging into some great tasting food regardless if was healthy or not. Most of those places were even great to bring the whole family to.


I used to love getting the classic steak sandwich made by L-Kens in Colonie on a warm summer night. That was also a favorite of my mom and dad. Sadly, according to the Colonie Spotlight, L-Kens has been closed for a few years, and the building, which has been a landmark on Central Avenue since the 1960s, is slated to be torn down.  With that being said, here’s a list of some of my favorite places that I miss.


5) Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

Luigi’s was on Fuller Road, near Central Avenue. They had great Italian food. It was one of our favorites for pizza on a late Friday or Saturday night. It was torn down to make way for the building which now houses a Goodwill shop.


4) Skipper’s Tavern

Skippers was on the corner of Ontario Street and Second Avenue in Albany, behind Bleecker Stadium. A bunch of us would go there to get some of the best chicken wings in Albany. They also had some of the best prices on steamed clams, one of my all time favorites. A friend of mine actually had a plaque on the wall for eating the most clams in one sitting.


3) Empress Diner

Empress Diner was on Central Avenue in Colonie. They had some of the most affordable and fantastic food. For dessert, the carrot cake was the best. It's now Bangkok Bistro.


2) L-Kens

Thank God Jack’s Drive-in in Wynantskill and Jumpin’ Jacks in Scotia are still around. Like I said, I miss L-Kens classic steak sandwiches. Of course the burgers and hot dogs were very good, too. Their ice cream was also loved by many.


1) Platt’s

Platt’s, later called Platt’s Place, was on Wolf Road in Colonie. I love chocolate ice cream, but I loved their vanilla ice cream even more. It was a small dairy store that eventually grew into a fancier deli type restaurant that made great sandwiches. Platt’s was where Buca di Beppo is now.


Those are just a few of my favorite missed places for getting something to eat. What were some of your favorites that have disappeared?

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