There was a huge data breach with credit bureau Equifax and now a settlement has been reached. Find out in just a few minutes if you are owed money for your inconvenience. According to News 10 ABC, you are able to visit the website set-up to find out if you are part of the security breach that affected one hundred forty-seven million people. Equifax compromised personal information and now they have to pay restitution.

I put in my information and was not one of the millions that were affected. However, Jenn entered hers and she was affected. We filled out a quick form and were offered either credit monitoring or a check for time spent sorting out the personal information that was compromised. We chose the latter.

It's worth checking to see if you are among the millions. Just simply click HERE and scroll down to where you see "Find Out If Your Information Was Impacted". They will ask you your last name and a portion of your social security number. Instantly you will have an answer. If you were compromised, you will have to fill out a bit more information and submit it.

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