Anyone who has had to go to downtown Albany for anything knows it's a pain to park. You have to constantly feed the meters and hope that you have put the right amount in. Sometimes you don't plan accordingly and then, bam!, a ticket. Well, now that is changing. Starting today (Monday June 25th), it will be much easier to pay to park in downtown Albany. According to News Channel 13, the brand new meters will be installed allowing everyone to pay through an app on your smartphone.

The new app is called ParkAlbany. You just download the app, and create an account using your phone number. You add a pin and then a credit or debit card and you are ready to use it. When you get to the spot, you locate a parking zone number. You will then add your license plate number to the zone and pay.

Another cool thing about the app, it takes the guesswork out of wondering when the meter will run out. It will give you a two minute warning before your time runs out. This way you can just reload on your app.

Look for the new meters around downtown and the Capitol beginning today and the rest of the city will be installed sometime in the middle of July.

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