Fewer Parking Tickets Could Be Issued In Albany
Anyone who has had to go to downtown Albany for anything knows it's a pain to park. You have to constantly feed the meters and hope that you have put the right amount in. Sometimes you don't plan accordingly and then, bam!, a ticket. Well, now that is changing.
Smartphone Photography Tips
Have you ever had those moments when you were out with friends or enjoying nature and got the urge to take some artsy pictures but all you had was your smartphone camera? Well instead of lugging your huge SLR camera around here are some tips to get some great shots with just your smartphone includin…
2.1 Million People are Still Using AOL Dial-Up! Huh?
70% of Americans do connect to the Internet over much faster broadband, but according to new reports, 2.1 million people are still using AOL Dial-Up!  WTF!  That's crazy!
The average U.S. broadband speed is 11.4 Megabits per second. That's 200 times faster than dial-up's…