Not even the magic of the season could prevent city officials from canceling the popular Schenectady Holiday Parade which would have celebrated it's 52nd year.  Instead, Schenectady's Mayor announced on Monday that the celebration of all things St. Nick had officially been scrapped.

According to the Daily Gazette, Schenectady Mayor Mike McCarthy said, "we don’t see a way to manage and scale it back and still maintain social distancing and minimize potential spread or contact of the COVID virus."

The event had always been incredibly well attended and anticipated by thousands of Schenectady residents and many throughout the Capital Region.   Folks line the streets to see the lights, first responders, massive displays, local dignitaries, and of course, the jolly Big Guy himself.

According to the article in the Daily Gazette, while their won't be an actual parade, downtown Schenectady does have plans to capture the spirit of the Christmas season.  The Gazette said the city will still showcase the holiday tree and decorations will adorn the streets.

Not only is this a big loss for the fans of the traditional parade, but it also hurts local businesses who thrive when thousands come to the area to see it.  According to the Gazette, officials are planning things throughout the holidays designed specifically to help out the local small businesses affected.

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