A fast food chain has introduced their "Nightmare King". First off it's a huge meal between two green buns. Take a look for yourself. Would you eat it? Burger King has introduced their new "Nightmare King" to celebrate the Halloween season. According to foodbeast.com, Burger King's new concoction is quite the meal between two green buns. So I have a problem with the wrong colored food. I can't get over the green bun even though the burger is a heart attack waiting to happen.

The Nightmare King is a quarter pound of beef with a crispy fried chicken filet, thick cut bacon, American cheese, mayo and onions. This is all between those weird looking glazed green buns.

The Nightmare King is available now through November 1st at Burger King. Would you attempt to eat this? You can always wash it down with their limited edition Scary Black Cherry frozen Fanta drink. Happy Halloween.


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