**Update 2/25/23** Earlier this week social media posts began circulating from a family source that the body that was pulled from the Mohawk River was Samantha Humphrey. Those posts have since been deleted by the source. According to WNYT authorities are conducting an autopsy and results are expected Monday at the earliest.

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Samantha Humphrey

None of us can imagine the pain and suffering endured by the friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones of 14-year-old Samatha's Humphrey.   The last few months have been pure hell for a family that still had a shred of hope that maybe they'd find this young girl alive.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and yet the shaken family still had hopes, even scheduling a future community search along the Mohawk River where she was last seen.

But on Wednesday afternoon, news spread of an underwater recovery team combing the Mohawk River after a lifeless body was found in the water shortly after 2:30 PM.

Almost immediately, there was speculation that it may have been the body of Samantha Humphrey, the 14-year-old Schenectady teenager who was last seen the night after Thanksgiving.

There have been other possible sightings of Samantha Humphrey in the past.

Back in early February, a body was seen floating in the Mohawk River which some thought could have been Humphrey's, but that search fell short and no body was found.

This afternoon, there was news that the New York State Police Underwater Recovery Team confirmed were "requested to help investigate a body found in the river," and while police haven't said whether or not it's Humphrey, the family, sadly, confirmed it via social media.

There are, however, a few conflicting reports about where the body was actually found - some speculating that she was in the water and another source that she was found in a shopping cart offshore.

We're still awaiting official confirmation from police and authorities on the identification of the body.

A woman acting as spokesperson for the family shared the grim news on Facebook and tagged two of Humphrey's closest relatives.  They confirmed that authorities have allegedly located Humphrey's body and that the family was notified. That post has since been deleted.

It's too soon now to say what caused Humphrey's death.

Reports say that an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday and a press conference too, but it may be some time before we ever know what really happened on that night, nearly 3 months ago when a 14-year-old teen left the house and met up with an ex-boyfriend near the banks of the Mohawk River.

Kegley asked for anyone reading the post to give "the family time, and send good vibes and prayers....everything."

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