Thursday, a body was seen in the Mohawk River, and some thought it could have been missing teen Samantha Humphrey, but her mom seems to think otherwise.

Schenectady teenager Samantha Humphrey left home on Black Friday, November 25th at around 11 pm and she hasn't been seen since.  It's been months, and so far little has turned up in the search for clues, let alone a body.

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Missing Teen Samantha Humphrey

On Thursday, a news outlet in the Capital Region reported that someone claimed to see a body floating in the Mohawk River about 14 miles from where Humphrey was last seen alive.

The report from News Channel 13 explained that "police cars from various agencies are at Blatnick Park in Niskayuna after an employee at nearby Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory reportedly saw what they thought was a body floating down the Mohawk River.


It's been nothing short of a nightmare for Jaclyn and her family, and one can only imagine what their reaction was when they heard the news.

For a few hours afterward, despite its grim nature, there was hope that the young girl's family could at least have some peace and closure with the news, but for now, that won't happen.

Just hours after the report, Samantha's mom, Jaclyn Humphrey, posted a message on her Facebook page hoping to clear the air about what she categorized as "false rumors" about the alleged discovery.

Brian Cody
Missing Schenectady Teen Samantha Humphrey

A frustrated Humphrey, who claims her daughter left home that evening seeking an abusive ex-boyfriend, wrote on her page that "family members were led to believe that (Samantha) WAS found due to rumors which you can imagine how this has made us feel. Just keep hoping that she will be found so we can start laying this nightmare to rest, finding justice for her."

"I just want to update folks on some alarming news that was circulated on social media earlier today. As of right now, no, Samantha has not been located. " -Jaclyn Humphrey, mother of missing teen Samantha Humphrey


Humphrey wrote that while she was appreciative of the support, she hoped that people might back off speculation until the search was complete.

"We have no confirmation that this was Sam or even any actual person so far in the water. It would also still be unlikely at this point that she would be floating due to the frigid water temps still but not impossible" she added.

At the time we published this report, News Channel 13 has not updated this to reflect any additional info about the body seen floating in the river.

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