Yes, stereotypes can be very hurtful.  Or they can make you chuckle.  It depends in my view how seriously you take yourself.   It sure doesn't seem to bother this guy!Not only does every ethnic group have a stereotype associated with it, but every state in the union does too.  (Two words - New Jersey -  Come on, LAUGH!)   Actually I have relatives in New Jersey and they live in a very nice area, but that's not funny.   This is funny, although maybe alittle edgy, so I would rate this PG.

Well done, huh?  Kudos to Paul Jury.   It's amazing what you can do with video these days.  Either that or he has alot of frequent flyer miles!

What town do you live in?  What stereotypes does it have?  Are you insulted by them?  Let me know!  (but do me a favor - if you are insulted, and live locally,   LIGHTEN UP  you arrogant New Yorker!  haha )