I enjoy a good thunderstorm. I like to watch the lightning as everything gets really bright for that one quick second. That is, as long as it didn't do any damage or injure someone. Of course watching from a safe place. On Tuesday night, a major thunderstorm raged through New York City. The rain came pouring down and the thunder slammed loudly throughout the night. That is a downfall of the overnight storms-being woken up by thunder. Our Beagle hates them. When we have a storm, she shakes and she can't get close enough to you.

A lot of dogs were hiding under beds, children were scared, and adults were pretending not to be. The storm was so crazy that New York's most famous landmark, The Empire State Building, was struck by lightning at least three times -- and even cooler than that, it was caught on video!

Watch it happen, along with nine more lightning-strike videos of famous buildings after the jump. Not the same as watching from your home, but a very safe way to watch.

Do you like watching the storms, or would you rather hide?

1. Lightning Strikes the Empire State Building

2. Lightning Strikes the Sears Tower in Chicago

3. Lightning Hits the Beetham Tower in Manchester

4. Lightning Strikes Toronto's CN Tower

5. Lightning Strikes the CN Tower, View From Bathroom Window

6. Lightning Strikes Three Buildings in Chicago at the Same Time

7. Massive Lightning Strike on the Q1 Building Gold Coast

8. Lightning Strikes Downtown Dallas Building

9. Lightning Strikes the Eiffel Tower (or does it?)

10. Lightning Hits the World Trade Center and The Empire State Building at the Same Time

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