A lightning strike at Madison Square Park in Poughkeepsie took down 5 people this afternoon at about 4:15.

Three of the 5 people who were struck were injured so badly they were unresponsive when medics arrived.

According to reports they were not directly struck by the lightning but were standing by a bench under a tree that was struck when the charge from the lightning conducted through the ground and struck them all.

All 5 people were between the ages of 46-55 and were all taken to area hospitals.  The three most injured remain in critical condition tonight.

It's not the first time this week that lightning has struck in New York!  Earlier this week, a man and a woman were found dead in Batavia (near Rochester) due to a lightning strike, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Please be safe and careful this weekend as you're out and about around the Capital Region. If there is thunder or lightning around you, take cover. The chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 960,000, according to the National Weather Service.

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