Albany Police were on patrol watching for drivers that had been drinking, when one person that they stopped had more than just the smell of booze coming from the car.

Gavel and Cuffs

Around 9:00 p.m., they pulled a car over at the corner of Quail Street and Clinton Avenue, for an alleged traffic violation. When an officer went to talk to the driver, that officer claimed that he could smell alcohol. That’s when they gave 45-year-old Simeon Tulloch from Albany, sobriety tests. Tulloch allegedly failed the tests. Being drunk and behind the wheel was not the only thing that police accused Tullock of. They also claim that they discovered that Tulloch allegedly had a loaded .380 hand gun.

Tulloch was arrested, arraigned and sent to jail. According to the article from the Times Union, Tulloch was charged with a number of things, including a some felonies - two counts of Criminal Possession Of Weapons and Aggravated DWI. He was received tickets for Driving A Motor Vehicle Without Wearing A Seat Belt and Speeding.

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