I'm going out on a limb here, but I think this is the stupidest , most frivolous lawsuit I've ever heard of, but I guess I'll let you be the final judge and jury. 

You know what Siri is, right?  It's Apple's digital assistant where you can ask it anything, funny or serious. Well, according to a couple of great websites, macmost.com and 9to5mac.com, a guy is suing Apple and it's digital princess, Siri for telling him a joke that he didn't like.   Here it is:  "Siri, what is the best smartphone ever?" Answer: "The one you're holding".

from 9to5mac.com

I guess his beef is that Apple answered with a blatent advertisement for it's newest generation iPhone. So what?  For one thing, it's a very subjective question to begin with.  And what do you expect them to say anyway?   They're basically saying that ANY iPhone that you have is great.  If they said that the iPhone 5 is the best, and "here's how to order", that would be a little over the line, but --the bottom line is that it was A JOKE!  Can anybody take a freekin' JOKE anymore?

If someone called us on the air and said, "what's the best radio station in the Capital Region?" I'm sure we'd say "the one you are listening to".  If someone came into the bank you worked in and asked the same question, I'm sure you'd have a slightly sarcastic answer as well.

Why am I even wasting time on this?  And more importantly, why would a lawyer or a courtroom do the same?  Your thoughts?