This happened at about 1 a.m., in Ohio, at a fast food drive-thru. In a story from AP and the The Plain Dealer newspaper of Cleveland, the police received a call about a car weaving all over the road.

As they tracked the car down, they found the woman driving the car at the drive-thru. When they went to talk to her, they saw that she had sunglasses on, and when she spoke, her speech was slurred. But before she would let the officer arrest her, she insisted on picking up some fast food.

The police then ordered her to get out of the line, but she went to the second window to grab her order. According to police tested her blood-alcohol level, they discovered it was nearly two times the legal limit. I hope they got her order correct, because I don’t think the police would let her go back to get it corrected.

If you were the officer, would you have tried to stop the restaurant server from giving her the food?