I had the unique opportunity to visit a great school and a great grade school teacher, and it was all done by basically closing my eyes and picking a teacher's name off of their website, all because her first and last name rhymed.   Must have been karma.Her name is Bridget Minute.  Interesting name, and it kinda sorta rhymes, so I picked her strictly on that basis alone (heck, the name of the program is Readin', Writin' and Rhymin', so it fits perfectly). Ms. Minute teaches first grade, and seems to do a bang-up job there. The kids were ready to rhyme. Here is the song they wrote, to the tune of "the Adams Family" -  It's the D.E.S. FAMILY  (photos to follow below the lyrics) 

mp3 version (right click to download)

       The D.E.S. Family

           parody of "The Adams Family" 

lyrics (c) 2012 Mrs. Minute's class and Richie Phillips 
            All Rights Reserved

Our school makes us proud, we love to read aloud
It's time to sing about the D.E.S. Family -
We're Mrs. Minute's class, we love to play and laugh,
We're really good at math
We're the D.E.S. Family
Veteran's Day, Pajama Day, the News Show!
It's really really cool, at the Duanesburg school
We can't wait for the ghouls!
The D.E.S. Family     (woooooooooo)
duanesburg rrr minute 1
photo by Richie Phillips
duanesburg class shot rrr
photo by Bridget Minute
duanesburg school minute rrr 3
duanesburg school rrr
photo by Richie Phillips

Thanks very much to Principal Andrea Conover and Music Teacher (and great rhymer in her own right - Mary-Clare Waltz).

And a final big thank you to Hannaford Supermarkets - a very long time sponsor and supporter of this program!


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