There are levels to Xmas

Most will agree that there are different "levels" when it comes to the way people in the Capital Region decorate for Christmas.

Some like to decorate multiple trees inside and outside the house, others put up a million lights so that Santa can see their display from as far away as Canada, while others hire a professional team to decorate for them.

There's no wrong way to show off the spirit of the season, but for my money, this house in Albany takes the cake...err cane.

Check out this GINORMOUS Snowman

It towers over all Christmas decorations in the Capital Region.  It's on Hurlbut Street in Albany, and I pass through that area a few times a week when I get my son from school.

My son Brody and I first noticed it a day or after Thanksgiving and we had to stop and take some pictures. I know nothing about the family who owns the home, except that they love Christmas.  So much in fact, that they're willing to spend the entire holiday season devoid of sunshine because there isn't a window in the house that allows you to see anything outside, except the white of the snowman.

Do not dare him to throw that Candy Cane. It's the size of a large person Photo: BCody TSM
Do not dare him to throw that Candy Cane. It's the size of a large person Photo: BCody TSM



He's the Ghostbuster Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of Christmas decorations, and I'm here for all of it.

I want to stand in their living room, look out the window, and see Frosty's big white buttocks looking back at me.

I want to brush my teeth in the upstairs bathroom while I'm checking out the back of his ginormous head and tophat the size of an SUV.

And don't get me started on his Candy Cane. If he decides to chuck it, godspeed to any of the homes across the street, it's going to blast through your window like a light pole in a hurricane.

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Here's a map where you can see him! Photo: Google Maps

Xmas Decorations are Costly

Hurlbut Street in Albany isn't in the ritziest of neighborhoods. The street is full of hard-working, blue-collar types who can't afford to spend 10 grand decorating their homes for 2 months out of the year - but they make do with what they have.

A snowman like this, at 20 feet tall, probably costs a few hundred bucks.  But I hope this family in Albany knows how much me and my son love driving past it a few times each week.

We used to have Capital Holiday Lights in the Park to look forward to - but the plug got pulled on that a few years ago.  At least now we have the Humongous Snow Homie on Hurlbut!


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