I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of the famous Esperanto's Doughboys in Saratoga, but I am all for businesses growing and jobs being created. Now Esperanto's is talking about building a manufacturing plant and mass producing the delicious treats. You can get doughboys at Esperanto's in Saratoga usually after a long night of drinking. They are also available now at over a dozen Stewart's in the Saratoga area and at SPAC but they are looking to expand so that everyone in the Capital Region and beyond can enjoy them.

According to the Albany Business Review, the owners of Esperanto's are looking to build a manufacturing plant. They are inquiring about a location in my hometown of Mechanicville. They want to build the bakery for the doughboys at 55 Viall Avenue. The owners must get approval from the City of Mechanicville.

I think this would be great to not only create jobs but also to add to the economy of Mechanicville and spread those delicious doughboys all over the Capital Region in mass production.

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