Memorial Day is a real feel-good event for patriotic Americans. It's a day for all flag wavers to hang OLD GLORY from your old front porch.  A symbol of freedom.  As in freedom of expression, right?  Well, you can't express yourself TOO MUCH.  Not in Crystal River,  Florida.  Someone's in trouble for hanging too many flags!

According to a story at,  a woman from Florida who owns a Philly Cheesesteak establishment was told she had too many displayed in the front of the business.

A local ordinance limits people to three flags, but a city manager says officials aren’t anti-American or unpatriotic. They simply want to make sure flags are “done in a respectful manner and not in a way that is overly commercialized.” The city wanted Downey to file an appeal and pay an $80 filing fee.

You can watch the video clip on the Fox and Friends website if you want to see the whole story.

To sum it up, the city of Crystal River, Florida is simply saying that they don't want the flag  to be "over used" basically .  They want it tastefully displayed, I guess.   6 flags?  Too many.  3 is plenty!  I agree. too much of the flag can be totally annoying.

Wonder what they would have thought about this flag?  Way too big.  Too ostentatious.  Take it down!!

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And these?  Too tall.  Could block the neighbor's  view of the skyline.  Total eyesore.  Gotta go!

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Wow!  Show them this and you'd probably have to give the mayor  smelling salts!

Sorry, Crystal River.  But in light of what's  happened recently in the news, and given the current emotional state of the country, I'm not sure you can have too many flags flying, especially this Memorial Day.

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OK, I MIGHT agree with them on this one!  Escort him out of town!

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