In a business where many people can be quite critical, a legend is standing up for the young and heavily awarded Taylor Swift. 

Dolly Parton was asked by Larry King on CNN about what she thought of Taylor Swift becoming so popular, so fast, at such a young age.

As reported on CMT, Here's what Dolly had to say...

"I say 'Yeah, Taylor Swift.' I think she is a smart, beautiful girl. I think she's making all the right moves. She's got a good head on shoulders. She's surrounded with wonderful people. Her songs are great. She keeps herself anchored. She knows who she is, and she's living and standing by that and I think she's just incredible and a great role model for young people right now." As for whether or not Swift is getting too much too soon, Parton disagreed with Larry King. "She's got the qualities that could last a long time, I'm hoping that she's just having a really, really hot streak. I hope her 15 minutes of fame lasts for 40 years, and it very well might."

I think that sometimes people forget that we've always had lots of young country singers who started at an early age and eventually became legends.   Tanya Tucker was 13 when "Delta Dawn" hit number one.    Brenda Lee was 13 when her first Country hit, "One Step At A Time" hit the charts.  Reba McEntire was 21 when she placed her first single on the charts, "I Don't Want To Be A One Night Stand."  Dolly Parton was also just 21 when she had her first national hit with "Dumb Blonde" and Wynonna Judd was just 19 when she first appeared in Billboard with her mom, as the Judds.

So, if you're wondering if Taylor Swift will be around 30 years from now, I think the names above give us the answer.