Wynonna Judd is back in the spotlight on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. While watching her mom and sister cheer her on, I tried to remember the year that The Judds called it quits. Do you know?

After Naomi Judd announced that she was living with chronic hepatitis, The Judds disbanded in 1991. 'Love Can Build A Bridge' was the Grammy winning hit that was used as the theme song for the final tour.

The Judds (pictured above at an ACM special in 2011) began their historic career in 1983 with the release of 'Had A Dream (For The Heart).' The next single. 'Mama He's Crazy' would go to No. 1 and help propel The Judds to super-stardom.

After The Judds disbanded, Wynonna Judd launched a solo career with her first single, 'She Is His Only Need'  topping the charts in 1992. Then, more solo hits followed like  'I Saw The Light' 'No One Else On Earth' ''Only Love' and 'To Be Loved By You.'