First Responders are always there in a moments notice, often risking their lives to save another.  But a firefighter in Santa Monica, CA saved a dogs life and it's got the internet buzzing. The story itself is awesome, but after seeing these pics,  your heart might literally melt into a big pile of warm, gooey, humanity.  It's that adorable

Firefighter Andrew Klein did "mouth to snout" CPR on a Bichon Frize/Shih Tzu mix, and after 20 minutes, the dog was saved!  I'm not saying I wouldn't do the same thing, but I'm saying I would either! I mean, I walk my girlfriends dogs all the time and if I had a dollar for every pile of poop I pulled their snout out of, well let's just say I would be able to afford professional dog walkers.

We had a guy call into the GNA Morning Rush today explaining to Jess and I that he once saved a duck!  I'm not joking...a duck.  He gave it "mouth to beak" for twenty minutes.  That was 20 minutes longer than his wife would have, for she told him to let the "dead" duck rest in peace. But his instincts took over and he knew had to at least try. He's very thankful that nobody took pictures.

People save lives every day, but when you see a story like this, it makes you appreciate the instincts of first respondents and anyone who's willing to go straight to the snout, beak, trunk, schnoz, or honker to save a life.  Come to think of it, any or all of those aren't that bad. Have you seen where some people's mouths have been?

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