Stephen King

Do You See a Ghost Here? [PHOTO]
I love this season! I love the spooky, the creepy, and the paranormal so when I saw this apparent "ghost" picture, I had to see it for myself. Do you think that's a ghost?
It, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Every week, Lights Camera Jackson has the best movies coming out and after the pitiful week the movies had last weekend, we're hoping this weekend is a little better with "It" and "Home Again."
Creepy Clown Season Is Baaaack!
A year ago, Halloween, creepy clowns were popping up all over the Capital Region. While that's died down, Stephen King's "It" hits theaters on September 8th and audiences who have seen it already have been flat out terrified! Clowns are a really weird thing to me.  I'm not afraid of them b…