Check your lottery tickets. There was a winning ticket sold in the Capital Region on Tuesday night. Could you be holding the one million dollar ticket? There is a millionaire amongst us in the Capital Region and according to News 10 ABC, the ticket was sold at the New York Lottery headquarters in Schenectady. The winning lottery ticket was part of the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night. There was no jackpot winner, but the second-place prize of one million dollars was sold in Schenectady.

The winning numbers were 07-16-27-44-52 and the mega ball was 05. The winning ticket had all five numbers without the mega ball. That was worth one million dollars. If you have family in Schenectady or know someone who plays their Mega Millions lottery numbers at the New York State Lottery headquarters at One Broadway Center in Schenectady, have them check their tickets.

I have always said that someday I will win the lottery. Maybe it won't be a huge jackpot, but I have always felt that I would win a significant amount. So far, though, I think the most I have ever won was on a scratch-off ticket and it was only a couple of hundred bucks.

Have you ever won or known someone who has won a huge amount from the New York State Lottery? Was it a drawing like Mega Millions or the Take Five? Was it just a two-dollar scratch-off ticket where they won a ton of money?

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