It's not widely known and goes against everything 'Black Friday' typically stands for. Oddly enough though, it always falls on the day after Thanksgiving. That's for a very important reason.

Back in 1992 this "holiday" was originally celebrated in September. It was the brainchild of Vancouver artist, Ted Dave as a protest against consumerism, along with his group "Adbusters." It's "Buy Nothing Day," or also labeled "BND" and has since been celebrated within the United States, Canada and some European countries, as well.

Awaiting Black Friday Sales ... Aaron P. Bernstein-Getty Images

In 1997 it was moved to "Black Friday" for what I have to believe are the obvious of reasons. The day itself hasn't always rubbed people the right way and in fact I recall a few years ago when stores started deciding to open earlier and earlier, even on Thanksgiving to start these "deals" people freaking out. It was now butting into a holiday that stands for the exact opposite. We're supposed to be thankful for what we have and now we're going out to spend every last penny to get more - in a lot of cases stuff we don't exactly "need."

There are people that have argued saying, well sure, you don't buy anything on Black Friday you'll just spend more the following day but that's not the hopes of Adbusters who have stated: "it isn't just about changing your habits for one day" but "about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to consuming less and producing less waste."

So while you're fighting the long lines or rushing for sales, or sleeping in and avoiding it all remember there is another celebration happening this Black Friday with Buy Nothing Day!