There are still fifty days until Christmas and we decided that it was time to put up the tree and decorate inside our house. It isn't Thanksgiving yet, did we decorate too soon? Since we moved into our apartment back in July, we have been envisioning where our Christmas tree would go. If Jenn had her way, we would have had Christmas in July. Well over the weekend, we decided to start decorating for our favorite holiday.

We aren't totally done yet, but we got a lot of the holiday spirit unwrapped throughout our house and outside too.

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Here is a picture of our beautiful tree.

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We are very pleased with how our tree turned out. The holiday spirit is alive and well in our house. But there are a few scrooges that can't believe that we have already put up our tree and started the Christmas festivities. Both Jenn's and my mom asked why we are skipping over decorating for Thanksgiving.

Do you think we decorated for Christmas too soon?