At The Taste of Country Music Festival, Chrissy got a chance to catch up with Devin Dawson. He has some ties to the Capital Region and she discussed one major landmark he has never been but wants Chrissy to show him the ropes.When Chrissy sat down with Devin Dawson at The Taste of Country Music Festival, he was excited to be back in New York state. He shared that he has a friend that he visited a few times from Saratoga. They also talked about places he has visited and when he was here with Florida Georgia Line last summer performing and writing. But he didn't have much time to experience all the things that Saratoga had to offer.

Chrissy told Devin Dawson that she used to work at the Saratoga Race Track and he was genuinely interested, well until he asked for betting advice. They also discuss how his "whole life was made" after the CMT awards show in Nashville with Blake Shelton and trying to keep up with Tim McGraw when he hits the road with them later this month.

Check out the entire interview below.

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