A petition was started back in March to keep Dennis Drue in jail.  The subsequent meetings with the board were emotional, heartfelt, and extremely impactful by the families of the victims of the 2012 Northway crash that took the lives of Deanna Rivers and Chris Stewart and badly injured 2 others, Bailey Wind and Matt Hardy.  Dennis Drue, who was drunk and stoned at the time of the crash has been in jail ever since, serving his sentence of 5-15 years for the unspeakable crime he committed. He could have been paroled today.

The families have just shared the news through various social media platforms and Dennis Drue has been DENIED parole and will remain in jail.

Debbie Lanzone Rivers is Deanna's mom and she posted this on her Facebook earlier today:
DENNIS DRUE HAS BEEN DENIED PAROLE. He will spend the next two years still behind bars where he should be and belongs. We want to thank especially our family, friends, The Class of 2013, and The "518" for your love and continued support. Again, you all stood behind us when we needed it and our hearts thank you.


The Wind family posted :

Dennis Drue has been DENIED parole!!!!!!!!


Drue will be up for parole in another year.  In the meantime, the families will continue to do everything that they can to make sure he remains behind bars, where they feel he belongs.

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