Is the Capital Region really appealing after all? I mean think about some of the celebs that have been spotted as of late.

Now sure, a lot of times celebrities are getting spotted for a reason. Most of the time and in the case of Derek and Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars, due to a performance. They were in town to perform at the Palace last week.

Now maybe it isn't all that shocking to think a celebrity may take in the sights or malls of Albany. But maybe it is. Think about this. Big names always come into the Capital Region for concerts. How many times do you hear about them going out and doing something in public other than a few times?

In my opinion the more humble and down to earth famous people are the ones to go out and be with their fans. Derek and Julianne just like many of us probably wanted to get out and about and who could blame them for that.

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