Dale Ernhardt Jr. will be a guest commentator NASCAR's XFINITY races next year!

Exciting news for fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he announces he will take a new step in his racing career! Starting next year for the 2016 NASCAR season, Earnhardt Jr. will be commentating for the XFINITY races.

I think this may be just what this NASCAR series needs! Earnhardt Jr. fans are so loyal, you know they will watch these race to see him! This season, you saw other driver like Danica Patrick, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon try out commenting too. But as NASCARS favorite driver Earnhardt Jr. is sure to bring a crowd of new watchers with him.

Dale Jr. is sure to make it clear  to his fan that he isn’t going to stop racing anytime soon. Taking the step to guest commentator is just something he has wanted to try.

I don’t know if you have watched the XFINITY races this year with the Sprint Cup Drivers on as commentators, but they really have been fun races to watch. These are the guys who know really what’s going on in those cars. It’s been fun to listen to! I think Dale Jr. is going to make a great addition! I just hope he’s as funny on air as he is on Twitter!

I know Jr. fans are going to love this news!