This was a very touching story in the Times Union.  If you are a dog lover, grab the tissue box

According to a story in the Times Union, a dachshund named Lily was found in a box.  A BOX!  Haven't we had enough of these stories?  This is not the actual dog, by the way.  This is a healthy, well taken care of dachshund.  The one that was found was quite the opposite.

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Again, the whole story is in the Times Union, but it has a happy ending.  The dog was adopted by a family in the Howes Cave area and it has prompted a children's book from Cyndi West and Meg Anderson Argo called "Lily In A Box".

Proceeds from this book goes to help out an animal shelter in Schoharie County destroyed in the hurricane.   If you'd like more information about it, here is their Facebook page.