Coxsackie Police Investigate Razor in Halloween Candy
A mom in the Village of Coxsackie claims that her daughter's friend bit into a piece of Halloween candy she received while trick-or-treating on Saturday night and found a razor blade inside.  Luckily, the little girl wasn't harmed in any way, but the photo of the blade sticking out of the Mounds can…
GNA’s Emotional Call To Remarkable July Hometown Hero
Chrissy and I have had the pleasure of contacting our GNA Hometown Heroes each month for nearly three years. We have never had a phone call quite like this.  Frank Lockwood from Coxsackie is a man of true character and integrity.  He's a priest, addictions counselor, volunteer firefighter, and to to…
December Hero
This unique woman is the epitome of a Hometown Hero. The Coxsackie native fights fires, spearheads fundraisers for her church, and spends countless hours creating fun activities for local kids. Jennifer Moore-Warren is our December Hometown Hero.
Human Skull Found in Coxsackie Woods
Imagine you're hiking through the woods and you see something unusual. You think you know what it is but, no, it can't be that, right? A skull? Okay, maybe it is a skull but it's most certainly not human, it has to be an animal. It just has to be.
Hiker Finds Possible Human Skull in Coxsackie
A hiker who was looking for arrowheads on the beach in Coxsackie unexpectedly found what police think appears to be a human skull instead.
It's just a partial bone structure, and investigators aren't sure how long it's been there.
Forensic investigators will conduct a study and search o…

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