A mom in the Village of Coxsackie claims that her daughter's friend bit into a piece of Halloween candy she received while trick-or-treating on Saturday night and found a razor blade inside.  Luckily, the little girl wasn't harmed in any way, but the photo of the blade sticking out of the Mounds candy is a stark reminder to check all candy that your kids haven't eaten yet, and that you can never be too careful. The Village of Coxsackie police appear to be taking this matter seriously and are currently investigating.

The incident occurred at Gabrielle VanGurp's house and while everyone is doing okay, the incident was quite horrifying.  VanGurp says that she can't help but to think about the "what if's" and hopes that this child's candy was the only one that may have been tampered with.

"Sadly we have gotten a lot of hateful messages saying this is a Hoax. This is absolutely not fake or planted." -Gabrielle VanGurp

Gabrielle VanGurp wrote on the Village of Coxsackie Facebook page that she was asked by police to  to take down a post she wrote "while they do the investigation of this crime in Coxsackie," adding  "I’m beyond upset about this and would like to be doing more."

When we reached out to VanGurp, she told us that she's dealt with some nasty comments suggesting that the story isn't real. "Sadly we have gotten a lot of hateful messages saying this is a Hoax. This is absolutely not fake or planted," she explained.

Every year police warn parents about the potential dangers of trick-or-treating, and this year was even more challenging as social distancing suggestions due to COVID made things even more complicated.

The Mayor of Coxsackie wrote on Facebook that if anyone else has any tampered candy, to  contact our police department immediately at 518-731-8121.

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