At least they gave it the ole' college try!   According to the Huffington Post, two giant turtles that have been "married" for 115 years at a reptilian zoo in Klagenfurt, Austria, are finally separating.


The giant turtles are Poldi-the male and Bibi-the female. The turtles started their relationship at a zoo in Switzerland in 1897. Zoo keepers noticed things were going wrong earlier this year when Bibi bit off a part of Poldi's shell. The zoo staff then tried COUPLES COUNSELING- but nothing worked.

"We get the feeling that they can't stand the sight of each other anymore," said the zoo director.

On the bright side - giant turtles have a life expectancy of 150 years.. still plenty of time to find new love.

Who do you know that's been married a real, real long time?  (not this long, I realize).  You don't have to leave a name-a number of years would suffice!  Leave your comments below.

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