Lemonade stands are popping up all over and as a kid, most likely, we all had a lemonade stand or one in our neighborhood. Lately, there have been some legal issues causing kids to shut down their stands. Country Time lemonade is stepping in to help. There have been neighborhoods all over the country that have had lemonade stands shut down. Police were called and the residents did not have proper permits to sell lemonade on their property. This caused a lot of money in fines for the parents. Now popular lemonade company, Country Time, is making sure this won't happen again.

According to the Country Time lemonade website, they set up a fund called Legal-Ade, that will cover costs of fines and permits for kids whose stands get shut down. Country Time said they will reimburse the kids that get shut down up to $300.

To fund future costs, they are also donating $1 of every retweet their video receives up to $500,000.

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