When most people think of viruses, they think of nuisances such as the common cold. However, a virus created in a lab by a Swedish gene therapist could be the cure to cancer that generation after generation has coveted.

Professor Magnus Essand is the man responsible for creating the virus, which has been successful in eating away at cancerous cells in lab tests. Essand warns us that many treatments are successful in labs, but fail to deliver results in actual patients. The virus has yet to be tested in humans.

Obviously there is no guarantee that this cancer eating virus is going to be effective once used in sick people, but it is thrilling to think that steps are being taken to make further progress in the medical field and rid the world of one of its most devastating diseases, one which has affected the majority of families and people across the world.

For now, the potential cure sits in a refrigerator in a Swedish research laboratory. If that fridge's contents turn out to be the cure for cancer, the world would be a better place for the rest of eternity.