It is very apparent that we are just getting underway with construction season all across New York state. In an effort to promote safety in work zones, the New York state Department of Transportation is declaring this week, "Work Zone Awareness Week". Across the state, there is a push to bring awareness to the many construction zone workers and their safety on the roadways. According to News 10 ABC, there are still many drivers who not only do not slow down in work zones, but do not move over for emergency vehicles on the highways.

The New York State Department of Transportation is ramping up their efforts to crack down on drivers who aren't abiding by these laws and putting construction and emergency workers lives at risk.

Work zone awareness week will culminate with representatives at various rest areas across the Thruway on Friday from 10am to 2pm promoting work zone safety and the move over law. On hand will be NY State Police, DOT workers, local emergency workers, tow truck operators and roadside workers. To see the Thruway stops these representatives will be at, click HERE.

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