Comedian Brett Kreischer who played the Egg recently did not have kind things to say about Albany.

You know and I know Albany may not be perfect, but is it a dump? Comedian Brett Kreischer apparently feels that way, according to a New York Upstate Report. It all wnet down during a recent episode on the First We Feast You Tube series where Brett and another comedian, Tom Segura, play 'Truth or Dab.' The comics basically have to answer a tough question, or eat some really hot wings. It you watch the video below, you can see Brett's comments around the 2:02 mark. When asked which of the cities was the biggest dump on his last tour, Brett says 'Albany.' (If you are watching please note this is NSFW, nor is it appropriate for kids!)

At first glance, this annoys me a bit because Albany is far from a dump. But also, Brett is a Comedian so take this with a grain of salt. I am sure some of the other places he visited were way dumpier than Albany!


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