Dark and uncertain times have surrounded the Colonie restaurant that was destroyed in October of 2016 after a car crash turned into a fiery blaze . The crash sadly took the life of teenager Niko Dinovo and plans for a rebuild were on hold. However, Elizabeth Bennett Altrock, owner of Blessing's Tavern in Colonie, is feeling quite blessed as she recently received some good news about the place she poured so much love into over the years and she was emotional while detailing it on her Facebook page. 

According to a story reported in the Times Union,  this is part of the update she provided:

"IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!! Today the SBA approved my building loan!!! Blessing's Tavern II will be built very soon. The last obstacle has been surmounted!!! Now, the contract will be finalized and the building begins..... It has been a verrrry looong journey! Everyday I have asked God to make this happen... THANK YOU GOD FOR PRAYERS ANSWERED. GOD IS GOOD! Will let you know when the groundbreaking party will be."





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