Are you proud of your town?  I know a couple of folks who are-Bethany Sperbeck and John Krish.  They both Facebooked me and asked why I haven't done a song for Cobleskill yet!  Hey-you know what they say about the "squeaky wheel!"

By the way, if you live out that way and would like to send me some photos of your town and the sites to see, I will gladly update this!

Here's your song, folks-and I've included the lyrics as well so you can sing along!




Words and Music © 2011 Richie Phillips

All Rights Reserved


Well here’s a bit of history that I’d like to share with you,

About a village that was established back in 1752,

There was a German grist miller, and Kobell was his name,

He built a mill on a “kill” which is Dutch for “creek”

(did I just strain your brain?)


Cobleskill, Cobleskill

And if you like to visit caverns, this really fits the bill

They have the Sunshine Fair and the SUNY colleger there,

And nothing could be finer than the diner in Cobleskill


(That’s not all!)


They built a brand new Rite Aid right across from the CVS pharmacy,

They’ve got the old Park Theatre there which is just about as old as me,

They sustained a lot of damage from that stupid hurricane,

They deserve the smiles they’re gonna get

From the Canadian-Pacific Holiday Train


(It makes a stop every year at the fire department!  It does!)


They’ve got a festival of Maple every April

The Golding Middle School-very very cool


Cobleskill, it’s Cobleskill

Don’t be late, take I88 into Cobleskill

(you’ll have a great time—yes you will!!)